Exact Claims Process

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You the Independent Adjusting Firm have a written contractual agreement with the Insurance Carrier. A Fiduciary commitment to bring them a far superior product than any of your competitors.

That is exactly what I can bring to your table.

My years of experience has lent me the ability where:

I can work directly with local contractors when a need for emergency services arise. Water mitigation, board up, blue tarp.

I can work directly with temporary housing firms when an A.L.E. need is present.

I can work with industry experts in regards to Like, Kind and Quality of material such as carpet and siding.

Most Importantly:

After scoping the loss I take the time to sit down with the homeowner. I explain the claims process. I explain what damages were found. I explain the steps that follow once I return to my office and start the process of writing the estimate. I take the time to explain what is possibly the most confusing part of any claim, The Depreciation. What is the difference between RCV and ACV. I make no commitment to coverage. We will let the client do that.

I also make and return phone calls. I calendar and stay on top of the assigned claim. Keeping the homeowner as well as the client informed of their claims progress can be just as important as customer service. No one likes to be in the dark. I know I don't.

This process alone will set the homeowner at ease. Eliminating the unnecessary phone calls that no one wants. This will create a rock solid RELATIONSHIP with your client.

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