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CLAIMS Handling

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My 20+ plus years of handling property claims I have worked practically every storm related or daily homeowner’s claim out there.

The New England area I was introduced to “Ice Dams”. This type of claim found in the frozen north. It is problematic for interior water damage.

Mid-west & Southwest I have spent weeks and months handling “Hail” claims.

Florida Region it has been “Sinkholes”.

The Gulf and Atlantic Coast “Wind and Hurricane” claims.

Not leaving out the everyday claims that all Insurance Carriers have; pipe burst, grease fires, theft/VMM as well as third party.

Having worked property claims I understand that each claim has its own personality and should not be rubber stamped. Again this is where the customer service comes into play.

Handling each insured as if this claim is unique. It may not be to the adjuster, but it is to the homeowner. Most cases this is their first claim and demands a high level professionalism and compassion.


As an adjuster I have to keep the interest of the Insurance Carrier in mind. It is my fiduicrary responsibility when investigating a claim to look for any possible Subrogation potential.

A complete insightful scope can yield clues that can aid the carrier's chances of regaining loss monies.


As with subrogation it is my responsibility as the eyes and ears of the carrier to report any underwriting problems that may pose problem now or in the future. Helping them to keep a strong underwriting department.

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