Tim Collins
20 years of claim handling experience.

   Exact Claims Process

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Doing Your Property Claims Exactly 
The Way Your Client Wants Them Done

*Not Somebody Else's*

Every Adjusting Firm feels their Property Claims Handling is unique. This sets you apart from the Herd.

Majority of Independent Property Insurance Adjusters feel the same way. However, it is their claim handling that they want you to use, not yours.

Exact Claims Process agrees with you. You know your Clients more than I do.

I offer Flexibility to tailor Claims Handling to reflect your company, your trade mark Professionalism that got you the account to begin with.

Why Me???

*Highest Customer Service in the Industry.

*Quickest First Contact

*Quick Claims Turnaround (72 Hours)

*Complete Policy Knowledge with Correct Interpertation



*Latest Equipment

*Xactimate 27.5/Sketch


*Experience 20+ years

*E&O Insurance


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